My changeable nature

My changeable nature

I have been writing on message boards for so many years it seems that the same things come up over and over.  It also seems that nobody is interested in discussion anymore.  Well now the discussion is over.  It’s my opinion here and nothing else.  It might occasionally be backed up by fact but don’t count on it.

I suppose an introduction would be in order.  I  am a rugby and boxing addict.  I come from Scottish and Welsh stock so if anyone ever reads this don’t be surprised if I come across as massively biased.  I will try to be fair where possible but this is my domain and I will almost always be right.

I think it would be fair to say that I am a journeyman when it comes to teams and sportsmen.  I have favourites but they sometimes change.  I love Scarlets and Glasgow but I like Northampton Saints.  My favourite boxer is Joe Calzaghe but I wish he had got to America sooner and put the doubters in their places.  At the moment I rate Ricky Burns as Britains best but as I said above I’m probably biased and by the way Benny Lynch was the greatest boxer from these shores, seen him on Youtube.

So if you want to read my opinion read on.  If not well why not?



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